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Our Kedarnath helicopter packages stand out as a landmark for devotees looking for comfort and spirituality. We are aware that trips to holy places like Kedarnath are spiritual as well as physical journeys. We have designed our packages and services to meet each traveler’s needs.

Going on a pilgrimage should be easy in terms of arrangements. Taking note of this, we deliver a smooth traveling experience that enables devotees to fully involve themselves in the spiritual atmosphere of their destination. Whatever the route you choose, our promise to provide a relaxing, carefree travel experience that matches your spiritual intention is unchanging.

Our Vision

To give people top quality, cost-effective, environmentally friendly services.



To become the market champion and provide reasonable prices and safe, specialized helicopter services 

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Why You Should Travel With Kedarnath Helicopters

Seamless pilgrimage experience

Dedicated to spiritual significance

Comfortable, hassle-free journeys

Breathtaking aerial vistas

Prioritized safety measures

Accessible for all age groups

Expertly maintained fleet

Reliable and punctual service


What Our Travellers Say About Us

I visited Kedaranth recently and must say that the helicopter service in Kedarnath offers a breathtaking and efficient way to reach this sacred pilgrimage site, providing stunning aerial views of the Himalayas.

Girisha Kappor
Girisha Kapoor Customer

The helicopter service to Kedarnath Temple offers a breathtaking aerial view of the majestic Himalayas, making the pilgrimage both convenient and awe-inspiring. A truly divine experience I will say.

Shankar Vijay
Shankar Vijay Customer

The helicopter service in Kedarnath offers a breathtaking journey amidst the Himalayas, combining convenience and awe-inspiring views for pilgrims and travelers alike. Would love to visit again for this.

Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma Customer

The helicopter service in Kedarnath offers a breathtaking journey to this sacred destination, combining convenience and stunning Himalayan vistas. Highly recommended for a memorable pilgrimage experience.

Ajay Dixit
Ajay Dixit Customer